Thursday, September 10, 2009

Electric Wizard, JC De Klinker, 06/09/09

The concerts start really on time and as we arrive around 20.30 it appears that we've missed the support act. We order some beers and are surprised by the attendance, I guess perhaps 200 people or something, not bad. I saw Electric Wizard some six years ago (i think) in a small club (Sojo, Leuven) and the turn-out wasn't spectacular. When they start their gig tonight, I get worried, certainly after the second track. The vocals are way too loud in the mix and the drummer is playing too 'rectangular', too 'tight'. Too 'festivaldrum', my brother says. And what's more, the vocals are not good, too melodic, too stereotypical for me. So the band kicks off like some average psychedelic metalband and the lazy bastard in me starts to wonder if I shouldn't have stayed home. Luckily, things gradually get better. The vocal parts just serve like a bridge between the real good parts: the rhythms, the guitarsolo's, the endless riffs. Things get like they're supposed to be: midtempo heavy mastodont rhythms, filthy guitarsolo's full with wahwah, delay and distortioneffects and in general completely lacking any subtlety . The sound of this four piece band (2 guitar/bass/drums) gets thicker, the noise-edge gets heavier and the drummer gets more 'into it'. Nevertheless I have the feeling that all is a bit more structured (intro/riffs/solo-part) than in the past, but I'm not the expert. All in all a descent show. A pity I was sober. My fault.

Preferred drinks: Beer, all sorts, but certainly the 'quick ones' and lots of it. In plastic cups.

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